ADAPT2DC - Adaptation to demographic change
The ADAPT2DC project aimed to develop transferable strategies for the provision of services and infrastructure in shrinking regions and cities from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. The specific objective of ADAPT2DC was the development of transnational strategies for saving costs in the maintenance of public infrastructures. . The project created deepened awareness and understanding for the impacts of shrinkage processes. ADAPT2DC also developed and tested cost effective options for the management of infrastructure and services in these regions by initiating ‘pilot actions’. The project is now finished (October 2014). This homepage provides the results (see particularly the ‘download’ section).

Co-Financer: Central Europe Programme, Restricted call for Strategic Projects
Duration: 1.11.2011 - 30.10.2014  
ADAPT2DC European strategy for regional responses to demographic changes
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E-book for tackling infrastructure costs in shrinking regions
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