Socio-Economic Report published

The ADAPT2DC project publishes a report on demographic changes in Central Europe. The report analyzes demographic developments in all countries of Central Europe and allows for a comparison between regions.
Population shrinkage and population ageing is an issue in all countries in Central Europe, but the scope and speed of the changes varies between the different regions. The report does not only examine different indicators (such as average age, birth rates, age dependency ratio, etc) but it also includes a targeted analysis of the case study regions of the project and a first review of relevant policy measures in the different countries.

While the population is ageing and shrinking quickly in some (particularly rural) regions in Central Europe, the process has not yet begun in other (particularly urban) regions.  

Demographic change is expected to become an even more pressing issue in the future and therefore it is important to develop innovative solutions for adaptation. The development of strategies how to adapt to demographic change will be a central output of the ADAPT2DC project.

Download the “Socio-Economic Background Report”  from our website (in English):

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